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Lee Gukju
23 (Jan. 5th)

Culinary & Restaurant Management
Dance Club

Gukjuice, Umma Lee

The life of Lee Gukju has very rarely been easy. Her parents were in a loveless marriage, and it fell to her to learn how to take care of herself as they were always at work or an event, something like that. When she was eight, her younger brother Sunkyu came into the equation. Mature from taking care of herself for so long, she did what their grandmother often forgot or could not, including putting bottles together and changing diapers. No one in her life understood the stress of sitting through class and trying her best all day despite worrying about how her grandmother was doing with her brother.

The divorce didn't surprise Gukju, but being placed in her father's care while her brother was placed in her mother's care. And in her second year of middle school, puberty hit, but not in the same way it did other girls. She towered over most of new her classmates, but she was still heavyset. Rather than going to cram school (because her father had her tutored on the weekends) she would head home and lock herself in her room to dance along to the radio. It didn't help her figure, given how much she enjoyed food, but it was fun.

In high school, she joined the dance team, and while she was sneered at upon first trying out, but she passed and won them all over with over with her shining personality, her sense of humor. Her grades weren't stellar, and she failed the college entrance exams twice. But she finally passed and was accepted at Yonsei. She decided to go into Culinary & Restaurant Management so that she could someday take over her father's few culinary ventures, and she of course joined the dance club, as well. She hadn't been planning on joining a sorority, but a few of the Delta Phi Epsilon girls seemed welcoming enough. It's been a tough road, and she's regretted it a few times, but now heading into her Junior year, she's hoping things will settle down.


  • Lacks stamina, but makes up for it with energy.
  • Misses her brother terribly, she hasn't seen him in many years.
  • Works morning shifts (even on weekends after parties) at the Eagle's Nest Cafe. She does so either as a barista or sous chef.
  • Doesn't really want to take over for her father, but she can't see a stable future for herself via dance.
  • Jokingly referred to as 'umma,' she takes her duties as house mom of DPE very seriously.
  • Will often look out for the freshman as well, giving tours to places that the official tours don't cover, offering to bring homecooked meals, and inviting them to the home her father keeps in Seoul to celebrate holidays. (It beats spending them alone.)
  • Loves fashion but refuses to join the Fashion Club due to her size. She knows what looks cute on her, it's okay.
  • Rumored to have dated one of Yonsei's star athletes in her Freshman or Sophomore year at the school.
  • Rumored to be able to eat two whole boxes of Kyochon chicken in a single sitting all on her own.